Wurmy Wonders

Earry the Cyber-Wurm

Earry the Cyber-Wurm

Position: King of Antiquaris

Age: 437

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 103kg

Earry The Cyber-Wurm is Larry from an alternate dimension and is one of the villains that sometimes assists Larry.


The history of Earry the Cyber-Wurm is one that is very similar to that of Larry's own, however when Barry was killed, Earry was broken by it. He did not recover from the experience, and instead became insane. Earry began to believe that he wasn't good enough with his miniature limbs. Due to this, he 'enhanced' his own body with lengthened robotic arms and legs. His arms can change out for many different weapons, which include a sword, pistol and grenade launcher, with many, many other attachments that must be swapped out as there simply is not enough room for all of them. Once this was done, Earry, went and killed his version of Bob the Basterd, ending his killing streak permanently. During that encounter, however, Earry's face was extremely burnt, permanently disfiguring it. When Earry got back home, he had the portions of his face that were burnt replaced with robotic parts.

Bobby the Hover-tank

Creation of Bobby the hover-tank

Bobby was created by Earry, when Earry was attempting to transfer the brain of his Bob The Basterd over to a new body. During this endeavour however, Earry fell over causing the bottom half of Bobby the Tank to explode horribly, removing Earry's heart from his chest, and causing it to go splatter onto the wall behind him. Because of this, Earry was forced to use sheer willpower and badassery to sustain himself until he could use a nuclear reactor as a heart. Due to this incident, Earry decided to instead create Bobby as a hover-tank, as he deemed it too risky to give Bobby a lower half that could explode without warning.