Wurmy Wonders

The Cat

The Cat

Position: None

Age: Ageless

Height: 99.8cm on back legs

Weight: 47.95kg

Is the only being in the universe with omnipresence. Was originally made by The Creator in order to erase his memories of past events. The Cat is the only known living being to predate the current universe.


The Cat was originally made by The Creator in a universe prior to the current one. It was given the ability to access and manipulate the memories of other creatures so that it could erase the knowledge of how to access creator vestals from the mind of The Creator. While it was doing this, The Cat came to the realisation that after it had finished this task, it would be erased so that The Creator could take back its energy.

As such, in addition to his memories of creator vestals, it erased his knowledge of The Cat. It then went and found a creator vestal of its own, and with the knowledge only it now held, unlocked its power for itself. This separated The Cat from The Creator, and as such it could now no longer be absorbed back into The Creator's pool of energy.

Coincidentally, the vestal that The Cat had managed to find was comparable in power to that of The Creator himself. This allowed The Cat to create and then grant itself the power of omnipresence, something that no other being had ever had. After this however The Cat no longer had enough energy to create anything more than a few atoms.

After the death of The Creator, The Cat remained as one of the only things left in existence until Wazyback created the current universe as it now stands.

Powers and Abilities


The Cat is a relatively laid back being, all things considered. Once it had secured its life, it made no further attempts at anything. The very few times it has interacted with other beings have been relatively short lived, as The Cat finds it quite difficult to maintain the momentum of conversation.


The Cat appears as an amalgamation of all cat breeds, as such looking like the cattiest cat possible. It is capable of standing on its back legs quite well, and is almost a full metre tall.

When not appearing in person however, it only appears as a poorly drawn picture of a cat. This includes sketches, photos and even video.