Wurmy Wonders



Position: God

Age: Immortal

Height: 4'3

Weight: 35.2kg

Wazyback is a god of unimaginable power, capable of destroying and reforming the entirety of the universe with the slightest thought. His most common form that he appears in is that of a penguin.


Wazyback was created at the dawn of time itself, by a being who was originally the only thing to exist. Sadly, Wazyback accidentally killed his creator when he was made due to the large amount of power that emanated from him. As this was happening, Wazyback's power was also quickly ripping apart the fabric of the universe, destroying everything that ever was. When everything had finished being crazy, Wazyback found that he had absorbed the knowledge that his creator had had, and used it to rebuild the universe, as his creator had wanted it to be.

The Current Universe

When Wazyback's power began to come under control, he realised that he knew everything that his creator had known. With this knowledge, Wazyback began to rebuild the universe, creating as his own creator had envisioned it to be. His creator's design, however, could do without another all-powerful god, so to compensate for this, Wazyback created several species across the universe that would all be destined for great and terrible things. These included the Wurms, the Xeorns, and the Sonzarias, among several others.


The most common form that Wazyback is seen to appear as is that of the universally common penguin. This penguin is, for the most part, black and white, and is often seen wearing different outfits depending upon the time of year.

The penguin, however, isn't Wazyback's only option for appearance. He has sometimes been seen as a star sized colossus, or a snake the length of a cosmos. It has even been said that he once went to a party in the form of a cupcake. At this party, however, he was eaten. Due to his panic (this was in his early days as the all mighty god of the universe) he was not able to make himself rematerialize elsewhere. (Try not to mention the digestive system to him)

It has also been said by Wazyback himself that when he was first made, he was done so without any form in mind, and as such was the physical embodiment of pure energy. No one knows what this looks like, and Wazyback believes that trying to recreate such an object for viewing purposes could endanger even himself