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Odam is an alien 'Largas' from the planet Tri'Yet'Marda. Odam is an acronym of his true name, Obfelim Dy'Ar'Mork. While he is not quite considered a founding member of the "Avengers of Justice," Odam joined them soon after its creation. He is considered one of the strongest members of the team, however his bizarre weakness heavily limits his use against human foes.


A member of the race known as the 'Largas,' a naturally ferocious race of warriors who invaded the Earth 3000 years ago in an attempt to conquer and overthrow it. Unknown to the Largas at the time of the invasion, contact with human skin of any kind would very nearly completely drain them of all of their energy, rendering them immobile and without defense for 10 seconds after their last time of contact. Even the energy which they were able to project as an offensive weapon was simply absorbed by the humans upon contact with their skin, simply invigorating them and replenishing their energy.

Odam was captured by a human soldier during the final push to overthrow Earth, and was taken to their home. Clearly, the soldier had been planning on capturing at least of the invaders of Earth to keep as a living trophy, as he had already prepared a tanned skin rug (varnished appropriately to prevent decay) which Odam was laid upon. For 40 years Odam lay on that rug of skin, until the day in which the man who captured him died. Then, Odam lay there for many years more. In fact, after twenty years the foundations of the house rotted away, and Odam was buried beneath the stone work. After this he stayed this way for nearly 3000 years more, until his burial place was discovered by a human of a wondrous sensation.

Powers and Abilities

Note. Upon contact with human skin, any and all projected energy is readily absorbed, invigorating the human and heavily draining Odam for as he long as he continues to output energy.


Thus far, Odam has been shown to have only one weakness, and that is to human skin. Upon contact with an amount of human skin (if completely dried, weighing 1 gram), Odam has almost all of his energy drained from his body, the skin acting as a vampiric parasite of kinds. Even if the skin is completely dried and without life, this affect still applies. Humans are therefore essentially immune to all offensive means of Odam, aside from his raw physical strength.


Odam is, at the very least, somewhat humanoid in appearance. Standing at 7'3 with the build of a strongman, he is found to most to be a rather imposing figure. Were Odam to ever attempt to blend in with society, he would find his efforts to be in vain, as his skin is a deep red in colour, with lines of gold running throughout it which glow in an intensity reflective of how much energy he currently has stored within his body. His eyes are completely black in colour and there is not a single hair covering him. Both of his hands have five fingers each, as well as both of his feet having 5 toes each. As clothing and armor would simply hinder the use of his power, Odam has never been seen wearing any article of clothing. Odam also has no visible... uh... extremities, and this is said by Odam to have been an evolutionary change which occurred within his species to protect themselves from harm.