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Duchess Dot Monahan

Born into the royal family of the Monahans in 1773, Dot Monahan lived a lavish life full of luxuries. While her mother had passed away when giving birth to Dot, she still had three elder brothers and her father, Duke Frans Monahan of Kilaly. In 1790, on Dot's 17th birthday, her father fell ill to an unidentifiable sickness. The eldest of her three brothers seemed the obvious choice to be the successors to the title of Duke, until he and the rest of Dot's brothers also fell to the same sickness. Only Dot was left untouched by the plague befalling the rest of her family.

Her father soon passed, only 3 months after the sickness he held initially took over, and it only took a small handful of days for the rest of the family to fall.

And as such, Dot was the sole heir to the province of Kilaly, and the title that came with it.

Being only 17, Dot became the youngest individual to rule over Kilaly in all of its years of existence. This was quite unsettling to most of the commoners, especially with the mysterious circumstances surrounding the rest of the royal families' deaths.

The years progressed without further incident until 1797. Seemingly out of nowhere, Dot ordered for two commoners to appear in her court room. They were a couple who owned a very small farm just outside of the main town of Kilaly and who had three children between them. Within the courtroom, Dot explained to the two that they were to be put to death after the next full moon. When questioning what it was that they had done to receive such a punishment, Dot replied as such:

"I saw your children roughhousing within the market, and for questioning my rule, your execution shall be moved to be enacted immediately!"

At this utterance, the couple were dragged out to the front of the courthouse and impaled on the spot by several guards. The duchess asked that the children attend her quarters, and afterwards were never seen again.

After this, Dot returned to her normal self, ruling firmly but fairly. For two years, there were no further executions within Kilaly. It had appeared that whatever had overcome the duchess passed as quickly as it came. In June of 1799, Dot once more called on individuals from Kilaly to attend her court. This time, a full family of eight was selected from the people.

Before they had even a moment to ask why they were there, Dot spoke.

"Your existence irritates me." At that, the family had boiling oil poured over them from the rafters above. Their screams were heard throughout most of the town as they quickly burned to death.

The Duchess ordered that their bodies be taken to her quarters once they were cool enough to touch, and once more Dot's demeanour returned to normal.

On the first day of the year 1800, an envoy was sent to Kilaly by King George the third to invite Dot to a banquet in celebration of the turn of the century. Upon arrival however, the messenger found only a completely burned-out husk of what was once Kilaly.

No structure stood tall anymore, having been burnt to their very foundations. The worst part however were the bodies. Scattered as far as the eye could see. Women, children, and men of all kinds. Farmers, guards, merchants, not a single type seemed to have been spared. And those were only of the sort that could be recognised. Most of the bodies were so disfigured that identification would have been simply impossible, their faces seemingly torn apart, bite marks covering most of their bodies.

Only one obvious thing seemed to actually escape this carnage. A leather-bound book had more than likely been thrown from the castle of Kilaly while it burned down.

It was the diary of the advisor to the Monohans. In his final moments, the advisor wrote of the Duchess going truly mad, claimed by a blood lust unlike anything he had seen before.

Before she left the castle, the advisor saw Dot tearing into people using her sword, and others she simply tore apart with her bare hands and teeth. Before he could manage to escape from the castle, Dot set the whole thing ablaze and left, continuing her murderous spree across the town.

Upon further investigation of the advisor’s diary, it was found that all those years ago, when the Duke of Kilaly had fallen ill along with Dot's three brothers, the advisor had been telling the family to bath in what he had called "liquid silver," a material which would improve the skin and their health. A material which was in fact pure mercury. He had been intent on killing the entire family through this method until Dot simply didn't die. In fact, rather than die from the exposure to the toxic metal, Dot seemed to thrive on it, and continued to bath in it all the way up to the day of the slaughter. At times she even consumed the mercury, claiming it would "purify her insides of any toxins."

It still seemed to have negative effects on Dot over long periods of time, as evidenced by her psychotic breaks, but the advisor could not come out about the cause lest he be put to death for treason himself.

Now, no one knows where the Duchess has gone to. After that day, Dot disappeared never to be seen again, and Kilaly and the Monahan name were wiped from history out of shame.